Ayurvedic Alchemy Yoga Ceremony Cleanse 

Ayurvedic cleanse with visionary plant medicines of Peru

All inclusive journey with San Pedro, ayahuasca, and optional kambo cleanse.

August 1-10th 2017 

Cleanse and rejuvenate with Ayurveda and Yoga in the Andes of Peru.  This retreat is an opportunity to release and cleanse on a deep level. This retreat is also an opportunity to learn Thai massage, and to deepen one’s yoga asana practice.

Find our what your ayurvedic body type (dosha) is and how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to it for greater harmony.  Learn balancing forms of yoga therapy specific for your condition. This includes forms of asana, mantra meditation and pranayama to balance the mind chakras organs, doshas and bring one to pure sattva.

Receive alchemical medicines made from purified salts, gems and metals to deepen the healing physically and psychological.  Learn the inner alchemy of these medicines as well and learn to source their energy from within.

Practice ayurvedic self care techniques and bring these herbal medicines with you beyond the retreatLearn about the andean cosmovision and ceremony as you enjoy organic nutrient dense food, grown in rich high elevation soils.  

  • Experience visionary cactus ceremonies with the Apu mountains at the sacred Qinsa Kosha lakes at 16,000 feet of elevation.
  • Learn and practice thai massage and aquatic massage.
  • Stay at Nidra Wasi, a sweet family owned bed and breakfast outside of Pisac, in a great location.  
  • Enjoy fresh organic home cooked meals with local Andean produce. 


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Receive Peruvian natural medicines that cleanse and revitalize from Maria, a local Andean medicine women who comes from a line of curanderos. You will recieve the THAK Combo (Sauna, herbal bath, and massage).

Experience visionary plant ceremonies with world renowned musician, Alonso del Rio, in his Templo in Taray, Peru.  Alonso has created The Winaypaq school for Andean children in the sacred valley as well as a land stewardship and reforestation project in the amazon.


All includive price: $1800

Your birth date, time and location will be used to assess what chakras, herbs and organ systems to work with. We will also ask you to fill out a dosha questionnaire ahead of time. These two diagnostic tools are a good beginning to assess your Ayurvedic body type.