Rasayana: Indian Alchemy

rasaRasayana is sanskrit for nourishment to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is the ancient art of rejuvenation using grounding, rejuvenating and restorative techniques and treatments to transmute stress, anxiety and emotional tension to vitality, to release toxins and impurities from the tissues and mind, and to reestablish harmony among the cells.

January 9-16, 2016

Seven gorgeous nights, Saturday to Saturday. Transport  from Puerta Vallerta International Airport, Mexico to Villa Ananda included. 

$1599.00-1699.00per person.

Twice daily Yoga

Our focus is balance, well being, restoring and nurturing. This is not power yoga, this is powerful yoga with meditation, mantra and pranayama.

Ayurvedic Sparasa2

One Aromatherapy massage included in cost. Abhyangha, Shirodhara, Chakra balancing and more Spa treatments available. 


rasa3Fresh amazing meals

Delicious, local and fresh foods lovingly prepared, three meals a day with fresh juices that leave you feeling vibrant and nourished.