Starts September 21st in Santa Cruz

Join DiviniTree teachers Magnolia Rasak with special guest teachers, Ann Averbach, Manish Chandra, Danielle Vaden and Gabriel Reese for a dive into the path of yoga in this 200 HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program. This training is an immersion into the heart of yoga, and an exploration into the philosophy and practices of yoga. Whether you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or seeking to deepen your yoga practice, this training will guide you into a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy and yogic practices.










This training will offer a deep understanding of yogic philosophies and yoga asana breakdown. We will examine both eastern and western anatomy and how the physical and energetic structures of the body interact with the practice of yoga. This is so much more than just a training, it is a transformational journey into the path of yoga, and what it means to live yoga both on and off the mat. 

We will learn about the fundamentals of Ayuverda, meditation, mantra, mudra, Eastern dieties and engage as a community in fun hands on learning! You will walk away with a profound understanding of yoga and a deep transformation of your personal practice. You will learn how to hold the seat of a teacher in your daily life as well as in a class setting. 

This training is a gift to your journey on the path of yoga. 

*A  welcome letter and booklist will be emailed to you upon recipet of your deposit. 

DiviniTree Yoga 5 day Immersion and Part One of the Divinitree 200 hour YTT

(Sept. 21-25)

@ the beautiful Subud Center 

Here is a daily summary of the 5 day Immersion, and a general layout you can come to expect for the entire training. We have an amazing group of teachers, each with their own strenghts, and a fun, dynamic, thorough program that will help you deepen your practice and live a more yogic centered life. 

We will meet 8:45am-6pm everyday. Please arrive EARLY! Every mintue counts and we will be starting right on time, please arrive no later than 8:45am to set up your mat be ready to practice at 9am. 

9:00-10:15 Welcome and Morning Asana

10:15-11:00  Welcome circle! – Sankalpa & Sadhana (What brought you here? What does yoga mean to you?) Course Outline 

11:00-12:30 Philosophy – yoga intro- a history of yoga, branches of yoga, major yogic texts

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Technique Training: Tadasana, Dandasana, Virabradrasana 2, Adhomukha Svanasana

3:00-3:30 – Teaching/methodology: Take care of ourselves before we teach others: yogic daily self care morning and night ritual, and the importance of nourishing ourselves. Kryias for daily self care.

3:30-3:45 Break time

3:45- 5:00 Pranayama/mantra: 4 aspects of Pranayama – Practice: Ujjayi Pranayam, Nadi shodhana, ida and pingala, balancing the masculine and the feminine within ourself

5:00-6:00 Closing meditation, restorative practice

9-10:30 Morning asana 

10:30- 10:45 Break time

10:45-12:00 Teaching/methodology: Seat of a teacher, qualities and integrity in any profession

                      Pranayama/mantra: Breath of fire, Gyan mudra/Chin mudra

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-4:00 Guest Teacher Manish Chandra – Intro to Ayurveda, The Doshas, Gunas, and more. 

4:00-4:15 Break time

4:15-6pm Technique Training: vrksasana, bhujangasana, urdvadhanurasana, pashimotanasana

9-10:30 Morning Asana

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:30 Yoga Sutras,  Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Technique Training – trikonasana, ardhachandrasana, sukhasana, vajrasana

3:00-3:30 – The Kleshas and the Yoga Sutras

3:30-3:45 break time

3:45- 4:30 Pranayama/mantra: Kumbhaka- the retention of breath- Puraka and Rechaka- how holding fullness and emptiness can transform our practice and our life

4:30-6 Evening Puja and Abyanga Self Oiling Massage, Deep Savasana Relaxation

9-10:30 Morning Asana – outside practice

10:30-11:00 Meditation

11:00-12:00 Lunch – meet at Subud Center at 12

12:00-2:00 Philosophy – Yoga Sutras Revisted – 8 limbs of yoga-  the Yamas and Niyamas- Living the Yoga Sutras

2:00-3:45 Technique Training – Vira 1, Parsvottanasana, Crescent warrior, Warrior 3

3:45-4:00 Break time

4:00- 4:30 Pranayama/Mantra: sithali, sukhari, sat kriya

4:30-6  Theatrical interpretation of the Yamas and Niyamas-  student shows- bonus points for comedy!

9-10:30 Morning Asana

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:30 Teaching Methodology:  A breakdown of the bandhas (muladhara, uddiyana, jalandhara)- the energetic locks

11:30-12:30 Intro to the Prana Vayus

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:45 Energy Body: A Journey Through The Chakras, Guided Chakra Meditation – Clearing the Energy Body

3:45-4:00 Break

4:00-5:00 – Integrating Yoga into Your Daily Life: Setting a Personal Sadhana, Sankalpa in every day 

5:00-6:00 Closing Puja, Mantra


$2,750 pay in full

$2,850 two monthly installments

$2,950 four monthly installments

5 Day Yoga Immersion Only (Sept. 21-25): $555 

$500 Non-refundable deposit with application included in total pricing. 


Fill out the application, and pay the deposit. We will send you the contract once we have your application in.

We offer 3 payment options with varying prices based on your payment option:

Option 1) Full one time payment of $2750  ($2250, remaining balance after $500 deposit, due prior to September 21st)

Option 2) Two payments of $1,175 each (after $500 deposit, $2,850 total, First payment to be made September, second payment October )

Option 3) Four monthly payments of $612.50 (after $500 deposit, $2,950 total due, Payment installments due September, October, November and December.)

*Please note: Payment options 2 & 3 are due prior to graduation date, December 9, 2017.


Thurs Sept 21-Mon Sept 25

Fri Oct 6-Sun Oct 8

Fri Oct 20-Sun Oct 22

Fri Nov 3-Sun Nov 5

Fri Nov 17-Sun Nov 19

Fri Dec 1-Sun Dec 3

Graduation Sat Dec 9


Magnolia Rasak is the primary teacher for this YTT and there will be additional guest teachers throughout the training including DiviniTree founder, Ann Averbach, and DiviniTree teachers Danielle Vaden, Gabriel Reese Benjamin. Additonal guest teachers include The Breath Center founder Michael Brian Baker, SC Ayurveda founder Manish Chandra and Hidden Peak’s Tea Master David.

Get the most to out of your experience by learning from the entire DiviniTree community.

Magnolia Rasak

Magnolia Rasak

Yoga Instructor

Magnolia Rasak discovered yoga at the age of 16, and it was love at first class!

She began teaching in 2002, and has traveled the world studying various styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Tantra, and Prenatal. Her studies have guided her throughout India, Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and the U.S. She is drawn to the practice yoga not only for the asana (physical) benefits, but for the greater way of life that yoga encompasses. Non-violence, compassion, awareness, mindfulness, acceptance, and connection to all Beings. As a yoga instructor, Magnolia utilizes the physical as a means for deeper exploration into the subtle energies at play in our lives.

Magnolia aims to guide her students towards a state of physical strength, inner harmony, and self transformation through the practice of yoga. She encourages her students to cultivate a deeper awareness of their physical body, while simultaneously expanding the awareness between mind, body and spirit.

She calls her yoga classes Anahata Flow. Anahata translates to unhurt, unstruck, or unbeaten in Sanskrit. Anahata relates to the heart, and invites us into a state of balance, harmony and peace. Magnolia’s classes offer a balance of effort and ease, action and surrender. Her teachings are a practice of breath, asana, and moving meditation, that start and return to the space of the heart. “There is enough rush in the world, come to the mat and be moved into the space of the heart.” Magnolia

Ann Averbach

Ann Averbach

Founder of DiviniTree Yoga & Arts studio

Ann is deeply committed to helping others transform their lives through yoga. Founder of DiviniTree Yoga Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, Ann’s mission is to help build conscious community. Her classes are uplifting, creative, inspiring, and full of wisdom. She lives and breathes yoga and community, and is committed to helping yogis on the path of awakening to live more authentic lives that are in harmony with the earth.

Gabriel Benjamin

Gabriel Benjamin

Yoga Instructor

Gabriel Benjamin is a second generation instructor in the TriYoga(R) Lineage and has been instructing since 2001. Gabriel holds five certifications in Yoga and Ayurveda and has been both a student and teacher at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. His practices are known for being the perfect blend of challenging and relaxing leaving the students feeling educated, nourished, and balanced.

Danielle Vaden

Danielle Vaden

Yoga Instructor

Danielle was born with a yoga seed planted in her heart. Through meandering down the wild roads of life, this seed was nurtured and filled with growth. Not knowing to call this seed “yoga” until her 2001 when she wondered into a class after 9/11. Looking for meaning, purpose & love, she went deep into her practice on and off the mat. Having a back surgery in 2008, her practice took on a whole new meaning of healing. Danielle is devoted to encourage students to move from their hearts, healing themselves physically and energetically, removing veils of maya (illusion) that we are not enough, all while creating space for students personal growth towards their highest self.

Through asana’s, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, union, surrender and laughter, Danielle guides her public classes to motivate each practitioner to get lost in the moment, becoming fully present in order to spread their wings. Offering a safe environment with knowledge of both western and eastern anatomy. Each class is unique and taught from her heart for the benefit of her students; Filled with playful, both traditional & unique transitions & challenging asanas. Focusing on breath & alignment.

Motivating the individual while inspiring one-ness or tribe (Sangha) to be full of heart with open love and compassion. Danielle believes that through community we can heal and support each other, and that we all have the opportunity to work out our obstacles on our mats, thus bringing that freedom off the mat and into our lives. Allowing us to appreciate with much gratitude the whole gift of life.

Danielle is very active in the community and donates her services to benefit children, young adults, expecting and new mothers. She enjoys music, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, cooking, playing and being silly with her children. Danielle’s greatest teachers are her two children, her students and her own obstacles that come into her life. She feels so blessed for all the teachers in her life. Her present teachers being Janet Stone, Hannah Muse, Kenny Graham, Jane Austin, Denise Lapidas & Shiva Rae.

*Danielle is RYT 500 & RPYT certified through Yoga Alliance & always studying to enhance her personal and teaching practice.

Manish Chandra

Manish Chandra

SC Ayurveda

Growing up in Nepal, Manish was exposed to Ayurveda from an early age, creating a foundation for his deep connection to this ancient healing wisdom. He has been studying Ayurvedic medicine for the last 10 years, graduating from Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda in 2009 as a National Ayurvedic Medical Association certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. He completed his thesis, Review and Comparative Analysis of Ayurvedic Literature Regarding Achar Rasayana with Regards to the Modern Lifestyle, earning a Master of Arts in Ayurveda in 2011. In addition, Manish is passionate about making the wisdom of Ayurveda available through giving public talks, hosting workshops, and making presentations to school age children. Manish’s effort as an Ayurvedic practitioner is to bring you closer to your true self by guiding you through changes in diet and lifestyle. He is also a Reiki practitioner, student of yoga, and a tour coordinator to Nepal.

Ayurvedic Gut Healing Protocol

Hosted at the Beautiful Subud Center


Fill out the application, and pay the deposit. We will send you the contract once we have your application in.

We offer 3 payment options (early bird): Full payment for $2550 ($2050 after deposit), 2 half payments of $1050 (after deposit), and 4 month payment plan for $562.50 a month (after deposit). All prices go up $200 after August 1st.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.